Quantum Omnimedia is a full-scale service provider for the entertainment industry. Our services include Financing, Development, Production, 3D Animation, SFX and VFX, Post-Production and IP Licensing for small and large scale feature films and television series. Our clients are Producers, Studios and Agencies.

Our leadership team is a group of individuals with years of professional experience in the entertainment industry, whose credits include projects with Warner Brothers, Universal, MGM, A&E Networks, Marvel Comics, Hasbro, Mattel, Condé Nast, Vulcan, CAA, Amazon.

Quantum is equally owned and operated by Makinarium SFX/VFX (Italy), Red Dragon Media (China/Malaysia), Have Not FIlms (United States/Germany) and LeMarco Brands, LLC (United States/United Kingdom).

We accept material on a referral basis only. Unsolicited Materials will not be considered by anyone at Quantum Omnimedia, and if possible they will be returned to you with no copies kept. Unsolicited Materials will not be forwarded to or discussed with any third parties.